Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Now have to spend some time to think about replacing the outdated access database for I first migrated the whole database to MSSQL, but the performance is shocking--slow! I don't know where the problem is. I built the nonclustered indexes for tables. But it didn't help much. The database is about 300M big, the biggest table is about 120M, when I do a full text search in sql analyzer, it took me over 30 seconds constantly! I have 1G memory on that server and the memory usage was at around 800M. Then I tried mysql 4.1 on the same machine, it is better but still far away from satisfaction - about 20s. I tried it on my desktop at home. The speed was amazing - less than 1 sec. I'm so confused. WHy? I used the smallest configuration -64M memory for MySQL. I 'm going to try more and see why it differs this much.


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